Decoding Your Local Mechanic: What Makes Them Different?

In a world dominated by corporate giants and chain-style repair shops, it's the local mechanics like Joel Sheridan and his team at Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic who truly stand out. These local legends offer more than just vehicle repairs; they provide a personalised touch that's often missing in larger establishments.


A Legacy of Excellence

Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic's journey began with its founder, Joel Sheridan, an ex-army mechanic with over 15 years of hands-on experience. Joel's military background instilled discipline, precision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. After serving his country, he continued to refine his skills, mastering not only the mechanics of vehicles but also the intricacies of management and business.

In 2016, Joel decided to start his own venture, beginning with just one work vehicle and no employees, operating out of his home's shed. Over the years, Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic has evolved significantly. Today, they have a commercial shed, three work vehicles, and a dedicated team of seven, including three qualified mechanics, two apprentices, and two skilled admin staff.


Meet the Dedicated Team

At Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic, it's the people behind the wrenches who make all the difference. Get to know the individuals who ensure your vehicle receives the utmost care and attention:

  • Joel Sheridan (Founder and Owner): With over two decades of hands-on experience, Joel is the driving force behind the unwavering commitment to automotive excellence and transparency. As the founder and owner, he leads by example, ensuring that honesty and integrity are at the core of their services.
  • Drew Dalton (Leading Hand Mechanic): Drew brings an impressive 30 years of experience in both defence and civilian automotive sectors to the team. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is the driving force behind their dedication to delivering top-tier service.
  • Jackson Ward (Mechanic): Jackson's passion lies in 4WD modifications and vehicle maintenance. His dedication to the job is unparalleled, assuring you that your vehicle is in the best possible hands when Jackson is on the job.
  • Adam New (Apprentice Mechanic): As a 3rd-year apprentice, Adam is committed to his ongoing learning journey and providing exceptional customer service. His enthusiasm and dedication shine through in every task he takes on.
  • Max Webber (Apprentice Mechanic): Max began his journey with Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic as a school-based apprentice and has progressed brilliantly through his trade. Now a 3rd-year apprentice, Max's commitment makes them proud to nurture young talent within the industry.
  • Andrea Newton and Sharyn Richardson (Administration/Service Advisors): Andrea and Sharyn are the friendly faces you'll meet when you visit. Their dedication to exceptional customer service is unwavering, ensuring your experience with Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic is smooth and hassle-free.


At Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic, they are more than just a team; they are a family dedicated to delivering the finest automotive care. Meeting these experts and experiencing the difference firsthand is an opportunity you won't want to miss.



Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic's success is rooted in core values that make them stand out:

  • Reliability: They're here when you need them, wherever you need them.
  • Honesty: Upfront and transparent communication is their hallmark.
  • Hard Work: Their dedication to your vehicle's well-being knows no bounds.
  • Motivation: Driven by passion for exceptional automotive service, they go above and beyond.


In a world of faceless corporations, it's the local mechanics like Joel and his team at Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic that bring a personal touch and genuine care to vehicle maintenance and repair. Discover the difference for yourself and experience automotive excellence like never before.


Unlock the Personalised Care

Your vehicle deserves nothing but the best. Contact Joel and the team at Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic today to experience the personalised care and unwavering commitment to excellence that sets local mechanics apart.


Uncover the unique qualities and personalised services that make local mechanics your trusted partners in vehicle maintenance. Trust Rockhampton Mobile Mechanic for all your automotive needs.